AKA-DETTES is a mentoring program designed for young ladies between the ages of 12-17. Its purpose is to promote culture, academics, leadership and personal enrichment. The program began more than 30 years ago with the idea of cultivating teen girls through workshops, cultural outings and community service. Participation in AKA-DETTES also helps to foster lifetime friendships amongst its members.


    The AKA-DETTES participate in neighborhood events and provide community service throughout the Chicagoland area. Additionally, one of their major duties is to serve as hostesses in the Miss FASHIONETTA® debutante cotillion. Many of the AKA-DETTES go on to become debutantes in the cotillion.


    Interested individuals must be recommended by a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha or by an AKA-DETTE in order to become a part of the AKA-DETTES program.



    For more information please contact